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Deck Cleaning & Staining


Pressure Treated wood decks

Deck Cleaning and Staining for Pressure Treated wood decks is generally a 2 day process depending on deck size.


Deck cleaning

I like the  Olympic line of Deck cleaning products. I typically use the Olympic Premium deck cleaner It does a nice job loosening up old deck stain. It dissolves mildew, mold and dirt, its biodegradable and won't harm plants or animals.

I just spray it on, let it soak for 5 minutes and rinse 

I rinse using a cold water 2200 psi rated  pressure washer, being careful not damage the wood or landscaping. You could rinse using just garden hose, but the power washer does a much better job of stripping away the old deck stain, dirt, mold and mildew.



Deck staining/sealing

I prefer to apply deck stains with a roller, as opposed to spraying. Rolling a deck stain is better in my opinion, the stain penetrates into the wood better, better coverage, a lot less messier, deck stain stays on the deck and not on the house or landscaping. Have you ever tried to spray when it is windy? The benefit of spraying is that it is faster. To me, rolling is slower, but better.

For deck stains. I use a number of products based on customer preferences. The main products I use are,

Flood Co. CWF-UV5 or Clear Wood Finish- Ultra Violet protection made by Flood. I use it mainly on decks where customer prefers a clear or natural tone to their deck. It's rated for 3 yrs on decks.


Behr Premium Semi Transparent and Behr Premium Solid Color Deck stains made by Behr for decks where customer prefers a colored stain. Behr Deck Stain can tinted to just about any color. The Premium Solid Color stains are rated at 10 yrs on decks while the Premium Semi Transparent is rated at 5 yrs on decks. Get it at The Home Depot.


I've used the Sherwin Williams Deckscapes products. They look nice, come in lots of colors,  I like them.


I've also used Cabot Deck Stains. Little more expensive but beautiful. Consumer Report ranked them the best.





After with CWF-UV5 Clear




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