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Wood Decks 1



Cedar Deck with curves,

 2 levels

 half sunk-in hot tub

Pressure treated wood frame

Cedar decking and railing





12'x12' Square Pavilion roof, replace old decking, railings, and lattice

Pressure treated wood

Modern style railings

Lattice skirting




Above ground pool deck

Colonial Style railings

Free standing pool deck not attached to house

Flared out stairs with double gates





Screened in Hot tub enclosure and deck

Screened in porch/ Gazebo with redwood decking and sunk in Hot Tub


Tree incorporated into deck

Modern Style railings with extended post tops

Planter boxes


Angled stairs

Tapered stairs




Pressure Treated wood Deck

Lattice railing

The next 5 pics are like a 180 degree pan around the outside of this deck


21' along the house, long end 14', short end 12'.

3/4 lattice hand railings w 2x 6 top cap (5 1/2")

Lattice skirting around bottom

This is the 12' end

45 degree angle railings

4' wide stairs and rail with pole for hanging plants

12' area has plenty of room for umbrella table and chairs

Looking in to the 14' area. This deck is about 272 sq ft.



Rectangular deck wraps around corner of house



2 sets of 4 foot wide stairs

side view

gated stair openings to help keep infants and pets on or off the deck

gate open

5 1/2" wide 2 x 6 top cap on railing



2 level deck add-on with bench



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